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We believe in our future and the need to foster the next generation now by giving them exposure and hands-on training while receiving formal education.  By rethinking and reshaping the institutional process, we are starting to eliminate the systemic inequities while building a path towards positive experiences and equitable opportunities for the future hospitality workforce. 

Our focus will be to create a new pipeline of opportunities with students enrolled in hospitality programs who have a strong and meaningful interest in pursuing a post-secondary education and career in the industry. 

Often, many students are denied the same opportunities to be exposed to industry professionals and the inner- aspects of the hospitality community.  This would include essential resources to help build a viable path to pursue a career in this chosen path.  Quell will provide the resources for students who would benefit from additional training and mentorship to help hone their technical, business and life skills to better prepare them for the real world.

This year, Quell is proudly partnering with Thistletown Collegiate (TCI) culinary arts program, a high school located in the Rexdale community of Toronto. Lead by acclaimed Chef Keith Hoare, the @tcichefs program was created as an initiative to raise funds for students to experience the rich educational opportunity that is International travel.

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With your help we can build our Bursary fund to send more talented, deserving culinary students to post secondary education.