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We have brilliant talent.

We are an agency.

But We are NOT a traditional talent agency.

lead CHange

We will lead the change to redefine and create a more equitable and inclusive world that allows diversity to thrive with particular focus on our food, drink, health and lifestyle community. 


We will always be advocates for the underrepresented and champion their exceptional minds, souls and voices while pushing for more diversity and inclusion.


We will always operate truthfully, with purpose and authenticity.

Creating opportunities for our


We will break down barriers and create more opportunity and meaningful connections with the marketplace for our brilliant roster of food, drink, health and lifestyle talent who have historically been underrepresented.  We will elevate and showcase the value, expertise and brilliance of our talent, ensuring their voice as a vital component of the conversation.  We refuse to settle for ‘traditional’ work because we believe that together, we will drive meaningful change.

creating opportunities for our


We will seek authentic partnerships to work to identify and eliminate unconscious biases and systematic barriers while pushing for meaningful and inclusive work and eliminate the need for ‘tokenism’ to satisfy a corporate mandate.  We will work as your true ‘partner’ to advise on the best methods of achieving a new, sustainable foundation for your business.

creating opportunities for our


By rethinking and reshaping the institutional process, we will foster the next generation by giving the future hospitality workforce exposure and hands-on training while receiving formal education, mentorship and guidance.