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Make Change With Us

“Business has the transformative power to change and contribute to a more open, diverse and inclusive society”

We believe businesses can transform through REAL change. Quell is committed to propelling our industry forward and we need your allyship.

As a catalyst for industry suppliers and brands, we aim to create authentic and sustainable partnerships with industry leaders to advocate for meaningful opportunities and inclusive work.

We’re ready to help facilitate uncomfortable conversations, challenge orthodoxies and support unprecedented action that can lead to transformative change.

 Are you ready to make change with us?

35% Radically and ethnically diverse companies outperform industry norms by 3.5%
53% 40% 62% say that a brand's diversity, or lack of it, impacts their perception of their products or services
Globally, more than two-thirds (69%) of all speakers were male, while less than one-third (31%) were female 66% of African-Americans said they feel their ethnic identity is often portrayed stereotypically, a sentiment shared by 53% of Latino/Hispanic Americans.

Meanwhile, 51% of Asian Americans said their ethnicities are least represented.
Every 10% increase in gender diversity, EBIDTA rose by African-American have walked away from a brand for not representing them in its advertising Hispanic


Accomplished Chefs
  • Internationally and classically culinary trained
  • Executive Chefs and Restauranteurs
  • Local and Farmer advocates
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Certified and accredited experts
Drink Experts
  • Globally recognized, award winning
  • Highly certified training experts
  • Innovators and disruptors
  • Brand ambassadors
Thought Leaders
  • Food activist
  • TEDx speaker
  • Authors, writers
  • Panel and Keynote speakers
  • Change Management and Branding Consultants

Topics include: Women and food , Food Security and symbolism, Disrupting the Food Industry and System, Local Food and Farmers, Hospitality, Sustainability Entrepreneurship

Content Creators
  • Food culturalists
  • Health & Wellness
  • Storytellers
  • Producers
  • Tastemakers
  • F&D Experience Designers
  • TV personalities
  • Hosts and MCs
Make Change WIth Us  - Make Change WIth Us  -

We're ready for you.

Together, we can transform truthfully, with purpose and authenticity. Our collective belief in each other will allow us to redefine the term ‘partnership’.  First impressions tell a lot and we think a good, healthy and honest first discussion will tell us all we need to know.  There’s lots of work to be done, are you in?