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FOOD CULTURALIST               

Ryan is a creative stalwart and modern-day pioneer who epitomizes the term “content creator.”  A marketing genius who truly revolutionized the art of food and drink content creation. 

A self-made entrepreneur, Ryan is the face and soul behind the ever-popular Instagram account @EatFamous.  Arguably one of the most sought after food culturalists in the country, Ryan has used his platform to elevate both brand and cause with his unique style and technique.  With an organic following of over 275K followers and a hashtag that has been used over 4 million times, Ryan continues to amass a fleet of Fortune 500 clientele seeking his expertise.

Along with his ongoing client work, Ryan consciously utilizes his creative and influential voice within the BIPOC youth community offering insight and mentorship.  Ryan is also a staunch supporter of the independent small business owner developing programming and insight to assist businesses with much needed resources.

His knack for creating eye popping and impactful content continues to turn heads.  He can be found representing clients on all forms of media being oft-featured as a speaker, contributor and/or host.  A trusted brand ambassador and spokesperson, Ryan knows exactly how to attract the right attention.

The food and drink industry has taken notice and Ryan is consistently representing some of the largest global brands the likes of McDonald’s, Air Miles, Google, American Express, The Toronto Raptors, Hudson’s Bay Company, Domino’s Pizza, Hershey Canada, A&W, The LCBO and others.

Ryan has been nominated for several notable awards for his work and has been featured prominently in publication features around the world.

"There may not be a recipe for success but there are definitely ingredients." - Ryan Hinkson