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Ren Navarro brings over 20 years of corporate customer service and management experience, alongside 12+ years of hands-on knowledge and experience in the beer world. She is certified by some of the world’s largest alcohol programs, Prud’homme, WSET, Cicerone and AFicioNAdo (alcohol free certification). She has also appeared on national television talking about historical aspects of alcohol, new trends in alcohol, and the benefits of stronger communities.

In 2018, Ren created Beer. Diversity., a company/advocacy group whose focus was for folks to be able to have open conversations one beer at a time. With the evolution of the company into non-alcohol spheres, she introduced B. Diversity. in early 2023. This expansion aims to create safer spaces in which to have open and honest conversations and support to create meaningful change in a multitude of industries.

Since 2022, she has been working toward her HR management certification through Seneca College. She has also taught the History of Beer and Brewing course at Niagara College, teaching students about both the well known and the forgotten aspects of history, focusing on bringing diversity to the forefront of learning.

She has been the go-to diversity, equity and inclusion expert for breweries of all sizes, from small family run to multinational conglomerates. Ren has helped breweries with everything from procedures and policies through to hiring and retention, alongside understanding the community they inhabit. She has also worked extensively outside of the drinks world, assisting organisations with their DEI journey and learning.


“Let's do better. Let's be better. Wash your damn hands. I love you” - Ren