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With nearly a decade of experience in the beverage industry, Ren shares a passion for encouraging personal and professional growth combined with her trademark wit. She is here to educate, enlighten, and engage.

Since launching Beer.Diversity. in 2018, Ren has become a known name at breweries, wineries, distilleries, and beyond. She has given talks on diversity and inclusion at several colleges and countless festivals, panels, radio shows, and podcasts throughout North America. Beer. Diversity. is more than just a company that educates, it’s a resource built from the passion and love of the industry to do better and be better much like its founder.

Ren brings nearly a decade of valued experience to the table. She first spent many of those years in the field as a sales representative for renowned and award-winning breweries. It is here where Ren developed her love for public speaking and entertaining people through her love of beer.

Today, Ren is on the front-lines to initiate change both in and out of the industry. Additionally, using her perspective as a queer black woman within the industry, she has talked extensively about diversity in craft beer as the sole Canadian panelist at the renowned Craft Brewers Conference in 2019. Navarro’s experience in public speaking and her history in the drinks world positions her an essential and sought-after voice.  She is a highly accredited and respected ‘go-to’ for education and consultancy in creating a welcoming and diverse environment for beverage producers and imbibers of all backgrounds.

Possessing an array of accreditation in beer, wine, brewing and distilling to name a few, Ren couples these skills with her role as a diversity educator to consult for bars and restaurants as well as for countless businesses throughout the country.  Ren can be found in various forms of media, from podcasts, television and radio shows to newspapers and is oft sought by major brands.   Wherever Ren Navarro lands, she is making noise and people are listening.


“Let's do better. Let's be better. Wash your damn hands. I love you” - Ren