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Marissa Leon-John


Marissa is a completely self-taught chef. Born and raised in Montreal, Marissa’s kitchen reflects the multicultural food haven she hails from. Her Caribbean heritage is the foundation of her passion for honoring tradition and you taste this in every bite of food she prepares. A proud MasterChef Canada alumni, Marissa uses her voice and platform to provide more visibility for other young, black LGBTQ+ members of the culinary community.

Marissa’s goal is to share the love and passion that she has for food with as many people as possible. Come have warm and inviting, sometimes adventurous and always delicious experiences with her.

You know that feeling when you take a bite of something so incredibly good and don’t want it to end? Marissa lives for that moment and makes it her mission to relive it as often as possible.

“The best thing about it is that food is meant to be shared – and that extends to all those amazing sensations. So that’s what I do – create delicious dishes that make you feel all the feels right down to the very last bite.”

With a focus on accessibility, Marissa channels her passion, expertise and drive to create immersive full experiences through her brand, ELLEJAY’S – a space where Marissa shares her love for food by curating unique menus. From her signature spice blends, to intimate dinner parties to large corporate events, food festivals to cooking classes and even ground-breaking art installations – there are no limits to what Marissa can bring to life on a plate.


“In my kitchen or yours, we are having warm and inviting, sometimes adventurous but always delicious experiences. Food pushes boundaries. Food challenges us. Food is art. ”