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Evelyn is a native of Vancouver who found her way to the hospitality hotbed of Toronto.  A highly accredited specialist in the world of wine, spirits and the anatomy of all things bar & beverage.  She has a gleaming resume of globally-recognized certifications including WSET Sommelier and Certified  Specialists of Spirits. 

She combines a unique talent of skilled bar personality and sought-after business acumen in developing, efficient, acclaimed and cutting edge bar programs for leading establishments.  An expert in building hospitality operations and guest service; she relies on her rich experience to parlay these skills into prime consulting and industry speaking appearances.  Highly recognized locally and on the global stage, Evelyn was also crowned “Best in the World” at the Global Beefeater MIXLDN championships.

Evelyn is an advocate for the continued growth and sustainability of an inclusive and integrated food and drink community within the Canadian market.  Her efforts have not gone unnoticed as she has been integral part in the growth of the RC Show, Canada’s largest hospitality trade show.  As co-curator of the Bar and Beverage experience, Evelyn has coordinated the Speed Rack Canada Competition, co-Chaired Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards alongside the customer beverage experience within the show.  Evelyn recognizes the industry’s focus on health and wellness, and has lead the charge on creative zero-proof offerings such as cannabis in cocktails, de-stigmatizing the idea around non-alcoholic serves to further promote drinks inclusivity. 

Her past work for global brands and establishments, the likes of Pretty Ugly Bar and Donnelly Group, have helped to set the stage and cement her presence in an industry oft-occupied by male counterparts.  Evelyn leads a number of industry-defining consultancy projects and is currently the hand-picked resident beverage expert for Toronto Life. 

She is the founder of Love of Cocktails, Evelyn Chick Projects Inc., bringing approachable world class cocktail experiences to at home drink enthusiasts one adventurous sip at a time.


"We collectively need to believe that the greatness of one sip and one bite can write stories, build communities… and change the world we live in." - Evelyn Chick