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Brigitte has solidified herself as the go-to source in Canada for the latest trends in lifestyle and entertainment.  A talented producer on multi-platforms including the big screens, Brigitte is just as comfortable behind the camera as she is rubbing elbows with Hollywood starlets on the red carpet of major world-premiers.

As CEO of B.Tru Media, Brigitte is widely recognized as a progressive, forward-thinking content creator.  Her style and acclaimed work has garnered the attention of some of the largest global lifestyle brands.  She has produced for the likes of Marriott International, McDonalds, Campbell’s IKEA, Pantene, Ford, Cineplex and Absolut Vodka.

Brigitte’s ability to elevate digital content that engages audiences through creative and organic story telling is a difference maker, much like her rich and authentic personality.  A media maven, Brigitte is often sought after as a host, curator and ambassador/spokesperson as her ability to captivate and engage diverse audiences is second to none.

With an unwavering commitment to living a whole-hearted life, Brigitte hopes to inspire fellow dreamers to eradicated #FOMO from their lexicon, tap into their inner potential and live life at the highest level by their own design.  This is evident in Brigitte’s latest venture, Homegirl Nation “powered by Love and Unity”.  An apparel brand that’s purpose is to empower women to celebrate diversity and appreciate the silver-linings of adversity in all of its glory (

You can also find Brigitte on her podcast production #ThisTrulyIs, a platform and home to important, modern topics from mental health, to food, love and a pandemic.


"Storytelling has a way of building empathy and compassion and there isn't ever a shortage of stories to tell. We just have to be curious enough to explore the ones that don't belong to us and brave enough to share our own." Brigitte Truong