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Beverley Cheng


Beverley Cheng is a Canadian fitness and wellness expert and entrepreneur based in Toronto and currently living and travelling on a sailboat. After a successful career as a high level rugby player, Beverley retired her cleats in 2013 and transitioned to starting her initial fitness blog documenting her love and passion for the fitness world.

What started as a simple and small website coupled with a few self-shot workouts, quickly transitioned into a blossoming and successful full-time career.  That ‘little’ fitness blog has now grown into a loyal and expansive following that encompasses several different brands and unique services.

Beverley is now an entrepreneurial power-house, transforming her one-time blog into three (3) successful businesses within the health and fitness industry.  First as an acclaimed content creator with tremendous mass appeal; second, as creator and host of oft sold-out fitness and wellness retreats abroad; lastly, growing and managing an on-line, on-demand subscription platform that today’s savvy consumer has grown to love and buy.  Most recently, Beverley expanded her business with the much anticipant launch of a new athletic and leisure clothing line aptly named “Born to Sweat.”

Over the course of a few years, Beverley has helped thousands of women transform their bodies and their minds using the power of sweat. Beverley believes that exercise is the first step to living your most confident and fulfilled life, and it is her mission to spread this message to as many people as possible.

Beverley’s success as a fitness and wellness expert has her often sought by major brands and media, landing modeling and endorsement with brands the likes of Lululemon, Adidas, Athleta to name a few.  She is commonly seen wielding her influence for brands and causes with her creative and effective content creative platform and has even landed on the cover of some of the fitness worlds’ most recognized publications. Most recently, Beverley partnered with CBC Life to present 2 digital series – “Fit For Me” and “Body Zones” – that teach targeted workout routines.


"Learn to embrace your imperfections. Your lumps, your bumps, your marks, your scars. Every single body is unique and in a world of almost 8 billion people, your uniqueness is beautiful." - Beverley Cheng