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[kwel] : verb / TO put an end to, put a stop to, to subdue or silence

Let’s disrupt the system and make meaningful and real change.


The faces of the food & drink industry need to better reflect the diversity across society. The current systemic inequities and barriers contribute to the lack of inclusion and opportunities for exceptional food, drink and lifestyle talent and how the food & drink we consume is depicted and represented.

No Man's Island

Queer women setting foot in the culinary world often find themselves in “no man’s land."  They’re often excluded from pastry work, but still discriminated against for being female in the realm of executive chefs. Christine Huang"Queer in the Kitchen: Gender Politics Take Center Stage"
October 2017
Civil Eats

"Queer in the Kitchen: Gender Politics Take Center Stage"
October 2017 - Civil Eats

Diversity in advertising

“So many marketers choose white people to represent their brand over any other ethnicity, fearing their target audience won’t be able to identify with someone from another race.”

"2018 Reflecting Modern Britain Ethnicity in Advertising"

Breaking the Ceiling

“The field should be level. For those already in the industry and the next generation, continue their education so they broaden their possibilities and become educators, build their own creative niches and strategy for business ownership as ways to “break through the ceiling.”

"Does the culinary industry lack diversity?"

Cooking "our own food"

"There is a tendency to 'ghettoise' Chinese, Mexican and Indian American chefs into cooking 'their own food', whereas white chefs tend to find it easier to cross boundaries", and are seen as "artistic" when they do”.

"Cultural appropriation: Why is food such a sensitive subject?" April 2019, BBC News

Restricted Upward Mobility

“We need to highlight the talents of racialized chefs.. But Black chefs say discrimination and restricted upward mobility make it difficult for them to achieve success.”

"For Black chefs, discrimination and restricted mobility don’t sit well on the palate", August 2018, The Washington Post

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We are currently re-setting the table and are set to launch at the end of September.  We are incredibly proud of the brilliant roster we have gathered and are excited to share how we are going to work hard to make some real change.  See you soon!